Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thoughts on Sexuality

Yesterday was "Freedom of sexuality day" and not only did I spend a great deal of time thinking about and being grateful for my own sexuality, but I did a lot of thinking about sexuality as it applies to my family.

My grandfather (on my father's side) is a homosexual man.

He lived in a time when homosexually was shunned and people were forced to bury their true nature or hide it from the world, and in most cases both methods were necessary. He married my grandmother for the sake of appearances and had 6 children, including my father. Their family suffered greatly from his choice and to this day my aunt's and uncle's are some of the most damaged people I know.

It's difficult to imagine that if my grandfather had lived in today's time period, my father would never have been born and therefore I wouldn't exist either. I am the product of a flawed way of thinking. I owe my existence to an era of time in which Gays were persecuted and forced to deny their nature.

There is much more to this story, but just that fact alone is enough.

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