Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life goes on

I feel like I need to digitally blow the dust off this blog and sit down and actually write an update about my life.

I went to a party tonight, in honor of Kyle's graduation from college, and it was really nice talking with people I didn't know, making new friends and catching up with old ones. Like Eddie, I have haven't see him in a loooong time but we were able to pick up right where we left off, which I love. It was so nice to hear about his life, and that he still thinks about me. I know I think about him. There is something about our time together or the type of people we are that makes us just keeping coming back to each other, even when it's something as small as "I know we're both at this party and just talked for an hour, but how are you doing, need another drink?"

Joanne is going to be a great new friend, I can already tell, and it's going to be great to add yet another psychology major to the group. Her and Regina are going to be major collaborators for my career. Can't wait for that Sox's game.

All in all I think I did Mike proud tonight. I know I'm not too hard on the eyes, and that I'm easy going when it comes to conversation and I think most of his friends took to me well.

There was one particular part of the evening that I was happy to have happen. The first time I said my career choice out loud to a group of people. "So what do you do Ally?" "ah well, I'm in college working towards becoming a Sex Therapist." I got a couple eye brow raises and later a few people asked me some interesting questions, but I was so glad to have the courage to say it out loud.

I knew when I said it out loud those few months ago that it was the right fit for me, I know its something I'll be awesome at. When you know, you know. I guess that explains my obsession with obsession and my drive to know everything I can about sex, fetishes and the taboo taboos.

On that subject, if you haven't checked it out yet you can still read more about my own personal taboo journey by clicking here.

The Pescatarian diet is working out better than I could have hoped for, a bottle of Iron supplements and I won't have anymore worries. I know I'm not going to be the fat maid of honor, and it makes me feel good. Well it's either that or all the leafy green veggies. Something is definitely boosting my happiness lately.

Loving work, gearing up for classes and spending the extra money redecorating the apartment and saving for New Orleans. New friends coming in, lots of sites to see. Life is good and I can't complain.