Thursday, August 11, 2011

How do you measure..

525,600 minutes..

How do you measure a year? How about love? Measure in love, seasons of love.

The truth is that I'm still dealing with the crisis that my family has been put through this last month. I feel that things are going back to normal, but there is still a lot of emotional pain. Therapy is helping, the gym is helping, but I still feel it.

Suicide is never an easy thing to get over. My family is strong, and I know we'll move forward...but are we too strong? Will we forget about the seriousness of the situation? Will we move too fast? Not talk about the real issues? Two steps forward is no good if you just take three steps back in the end.

We're about to go our separate ways in the next two weeks. Will we forget about the importance of each other when we part back to college and work?

All I can really have is hope, and faith. Faith in my family, and hope that we will be stronger than we were in the past.